Results & Testimonials


We offer effective advertising campaigns that can include  custom logos, business cards, signage, banners, T-Shirts, brochures, websites and direct mail.  Nancy's chose the oval logo and we created signage and facilitate their social media. They often sell out due to our effective advertising and viral marketing. With V-mail answer machine drops we can reach your targeted market within four hours!  


Jamie Eady, manager, at Ole Ben Franklin Motors provides a reference for Amp Marketing. With 41 units sold, he is a steady customer!

94 UPS Prior to Event Date! 2+% Response

This Saturation Tri-Fold delivered 94 UPS the BEFORE the sale started.  It comes with Custom Design, Saturation List, Standard Postage, Scratcher, IVR, PURL, Tracking, Shipping, Web-Tracking  & Pre-Sale Training!

Off Site Events=Walmart/Malls

On-Site event co-ordination and organization. Can combine up to 10 dealerships at one location. The success of this event generated 98 Units Sold! Direct Mail, POS Signage, Emails and Staffing provided.


Our mailers are designed to create a high traffic result to allow you to have the most prospects to close.  41 Units sold and a testimonial letter - along with repeat business makes this piece invaluable!

V-Mail Drops-Virtual BDC

Cut through the marketing and advertising clutter with a custom message to all of your customers! In 4 hours we can deploy a V-Mail Drop where you can record and leave your own custom message for your own customers.  Averages 14 Units sold! 1.43% Response! 23% Closed!