The Most Effective Advertising Money Can Buy!

Marketing and advertising has evolved over the years. Now, with technological advances, we can create a marketing strategy that combines the technology of a cell phone with direct marketing which creates an affordable package  with prices as low as 15 cents. V-Mail Drops, aka Voice Drops,  are averaging a 1.43% response and a 23% closing rate!   Affordable for businesses of all sizes V-Mails can be sent out within 4 hours!

This is an excellent way to almost instantly generate both repeat and new business with a timely message recorded by your staff or ours. 

We track all of your results and give you a complete analysis at the end of the campaign.  


Marketing encompasses everything from trade shows to press releases, business cards and social media.  

In the "Old Days" it was "location, location, location". Now days, with the use of digital marketing, print/direct mail and technological advances, the name of the game is : REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION! 

Creating a fluid marketing plan allows for short term and long term goals.  Goals that may be an increase in traffic, an increase in sales, reputation management, getting reviews on the internet, keeping up with social media.

Our analysis comes up with your business strengths and weaknesses with suggestions to improve in areas that will help you to obtain your goals.


Successfully proven direct mail from Sub-Prime to Retail, Themes to Buy Back or Acquisition Mailers.  We can produce any form of Automotive Direct Mail to help you increase your sales. Knowing how to maximize a budget and create a media mix of products designed to reach the right targeted market is our specialty.